I believe that design should be made easy. I understand that working with a designer can be intimidating and stressful for some people. I eliminate that when working with my clients by getting to know you, be in constant communication, break down the design process in a simple way, and complete the job on time because my clients deserve the best.

My designs are clean, simple, and straight to the point. I am not a flashy designer. I do not believe you need a ton of design elements to grab people’s attention. All one needs is a keen eye to detail combined with colors and abstracted shapes. A simple design can work just as well as a complicated one. The goal of design is to not mislead or confuse people. I specialize in photo restoration, photo touchups, digital, interactive, and print layout design, and identity systems.

My process consists of extensive research, where I look up the history of the topic at hand and any other information that is relatable to the topic. The next stage is creating grids to use to help structure the design while it is being created so everything is aligned properly. Next is the sketching stage where I spend most of my hours creating sketches, conforming them to the grids, tweaking the grids, identifying which grid works the best for my design, and then refining the sketches until there are a few designs to pick from because it is always easier to do mockups of designs on paper before going to the computer. This step of the process is crucial because when one designs on the computer straight away, it has a tendency to waste precious time and cause unnecessary headaches. After all of the sketching and refinement is over, the grid gets recreated digitally and the design starts to have life. Lastly, it is presented in front of the client for the final approval.


Greg Babush, 24, from Chicago, Illinois is pursuing a bachelor degree in Visual Communication Design at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Where he works with a digital and print medium to convey messages to his viewers. He has an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design from Moraine Valley Community College. His photography and graphic design company, GBHawk Designs, is his part time job while pursuing his degree.

Greg’s current clients include Paws Animal Shelter of Tinley Park,  and K9s for Veterans where he has taken photographs for press coverage in various newspapers and TV stations like, WCIU and the Tinley Park Junction Newspaper. Greg previously was the Graphic Design Editor at The Glacier Newspaper the student newspaper at Moraine Valley Community College. There he was in charge of preparing graphics, creating graphics to be published, as well as going on a trip to New York City to help represent the paper along with 2 other colleagues at the College Media Association Conference. He was also the Editor of the Mastodon, an arts magazine for Moraine Valley Community College where he was in charge of running the magazine.